Earth's only modular solar carport
for hotels, shopping centers, and offices.

Fix your bill. Boost your property. This week.

  • SolarPorts fix any size electric bill with 90% savings.
  • SolarPorts increase your commercial property value over $1,000,000.
  • SolarPorts provide profitable Electric Vehicle Charging.
  • SolarPorts can submit your plans this week.
Fix your electricity bill with
90% savings
Increase your property value
200 x your monthly bill
Attract and serve customers
with EV Charging
$50,000 profit per year
Submit your custom construction plan
this week

SolarPorts fix any size electric bill

90% savings

SolarPorts generate your own clean electricity,
so you don't pay PG&E.

  • New government incentives for businesses pay 70% of the cost of installing solar.
  • PG&E prices are among the highest in the country (2x the national average) so solar is really effective here.
  • PG&E costs are expected to rise, while SolarPorts FIX your bill at a low rate - avoid PG&E increases.
  • SolarPorts provide MORE electricity using your empty paking lot, in addition to rooftop.

SolarPorts increase your commercial property value over


Let's say your monthly PG&E bill is $5,000.

  • SolarPorts cost $0 out-of-pocket with 100% financing.
  • The monthly cost for SolarPorts (with 100% financing) to make enough electricity for your PG&E bill is $800.
  • Reducing your $5,000 bill to $800 is worth $4,200 monthly, or $50,400 annually ($4,200 x 12).
  • $50,400 additional cash flow to your property, using a 5% cap rate increases your property value by $1,008,000! ($50,400 / 5%)
  • Since your bill is fixed, while PG&E prices rise, your property value increase triples to $3,000,000 in 15 years.

SolarPorts low-cost electricity, allows you to profit from

Electric Vehicle Charging

  • Businesses can attract and serve their customers by providing profitable EV Charging.
  • EV Chargers are needed urgently at commercial properties to serve the rapid rise in Electric Vehicles.
  • Experts predict electricity use at commercial properties to double from new Electric Vehicle Charging.
  • SolarPorts create profits by selling electricity (charging) at high PG&E prices, while generating electricity for 90% less.
Call (415) 888-4000 today or schedule a free energy analysis for your property.

SolarPorts are the only modular solar carports

Submit your plans this week

  • In 5 minutes SolarPorts can design your custom solar system using satellite images of your property with our patent-pending software.
  • Immediately see your precise savings (now and for 30 years) based on your PG&E bill, parking lot and rooftop.
  • Generate complete detailed construction planset with all specifications - ready to submit to your building department.
  • SolarPorts installs 100% turn-key pre-engineered structure using high quality pre-fabricated components.
Call (415) 888-4000 today or schedule a free energy analysis for your property.

Fix your bill.

See how much you'll save by entering your monthly electric bill...
$0 down - with 100% financing
Proposed Electric Rate Charge

SolarPorts reduces your electricity cost .

PG&E is expensive.

PG&E raised small commercial rates 18% last year.

By generating your own clean energy, you avoid paying PG&E.

Monthly Average Electricity Cost (Year 1)
fixed lifetime

Starting with a low SolarPorts cost and avoiding PG&E rate increases, means you'll save

in the first year
and your saving grow to
Electricity Comparision
PG&E SolarPorts Savings
Monthly Cost (Year 1)
Total cost (After tax)
Cost of Commerical ElectrIc per watt

Now that you create your own low-cost electricity,

attract and serve your customers with...

Electric Vehicle Chargers

See how much you'll earn by entering how many EV Chargers you want...

EV chargers using low-cost SolarPorts electricity.

Electricity Comparision
Net Inc with
Net Inc with
Selling Price (Year 1 $/kWh)
Electricity Cost (Year 1 $/kWh) -
Net Income (Year 1)
Net Income (Total)
Based on recent data tracking Electric Vehicle Charging in the San Francisco Bay Area your EVCs may generate.
in the first year
Over the life of your system is


 insulated property
Property icon
As your savings and cash flow improve your building value increases by

Increase Your Property Value

This year
EV Charging
Cash Flow
Using a conservative cap rate, means your property increases
* This year

Tax Incentives

Start by claiming your tax incentives

Based on the EV Chargers you want
Based on the EV
you want.
SolarPorts to power their electricity
and the SolarPorts to
power their electricity.

you claim a tax benefit

Your tax benefit of
pays for

of your new solar system.

Isn't it nice to have someone else pay to improve your business?

Dept of Energy Commercial
Solar Tax Credit guide

Benefits of Solarports and EVCs

Reduce your electricity cost
Increase your property value
Attract and serve customers with EV Charging per year
View your custom construction plan today

Do you NEED SolarPorts?

In order to help the planet we want to reduce emissions.
Our Earth
California passed laws
banning all new gas cars after 2035.
Gavin Newso,
All cars to be emission
free by 2035
Creating a huge demand for Electric Vehicles
All these cars need EV Chargers.
Shopping Centers
CA Energy Commission report states we need 1,2 million EV Chargers by 2030.
SolarPorts provides EV Chargers

electricity to power them.
Call (415) 888-4000 today or schedule a free energy analysis for your property.